Teachers’ Resources & Risk Assessments

Schools can use the following resources for activity ideas for their pupils if booked in as a self-guided group or during your time spent on site when you are not in a teaching session.

Orienteering maps are available on request (see the ‘Investigating Map Skills’ resource under Geography below).

Health & Safety

The generic education risk assessment is available below, however we recommend that all visiting schools and other parties complete their own risk assessments relevant to their visiting group, as this will identify any further measures required specific to the needs of the visiting group, such as supervision ratios. Please be advised that you should bring a trained first aider with you on the day of your visit and the Gardens’ accident book must be completed if you have an incident on site by a group leader, located at the main reception desk.

Risk Assessments for schools

Education school risk assessment

Education Animal Handling Risk assessment

Teacher Pre-visit Notes Page

School Coach Drop-Off and Parking Instructions

School Terms and Conditions

Educational & Teachers’ Resources


KS2 Poetry Trail
KS2 Poetry Trail Answers
KS3 Poetry Trail

Butterfly Word Puzzles




Barnaby Bear Pack
Investigating Plants and Environments
Investigating Map Skills
Desert Pack
KS3 & 4 Geography Fieldwork Pack
Rainforest Food and Drink
Rainforest Plant Products 
Rainforest Medicine



Growth Pack
Botany Pack
Rainforest Adaptations
Leaf Cards



KS1 Maths Trail  KS1 Maths Trail Answers
KS2 Maths Trail  KS2 Maths Trail Answers
KS3 Maths Trail  KS3 Maths Trail Answers

Butterfly Maths

Gardens’ Trails and Activities

General Gardening Trail
Senses Trail
Gardens Map
Gardens’ Short Walk Trail
Growing Schools Garden Pack
Main Lawn Tree Trail
Nature Trail
Gardens’ Postcard
Sensory Nature Trail
Food Trail
Growing Schools Garden Quiz 
Animal Trail
Scarecrows’ Garden Summer Quiz
Scavenger Hunt
Gardens’ Long Walk Trail
Cycads Sheet
Ferns Sheet

Education for Sustainable Development

ESD Pack



Ancient Egyptians




Art Activities



Making Music


Colouring Sheets

Bird of Paradise
Cotton Topped Tamarin
Green Iguana
Koi Carp
Poison Dart Frog
Red Eyed Tree Frog
Venus’ Flytrap


Glasshouse Activities & Information Sheets

Glasshouse Quiz for Pupils
Glasshouse Quiz Answers for Teachers
Product Pods Info Sheets for Teachers – Arid
Product Pods Info Sheets for Teachers – Mediterranean
Product Pods Info Sheets for Teachers – Subtropical
Product Pods Worksheets for Pupils – Arid
Product Pods Worksheets for Pupils – Mediterranean
Product Pods Worksheets for Pupils – Subtropical

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KS1 curriculum links
KS2 curriculum links
KS3 & KS4 curriculum links